Zoning Board of Commission  

The board of township trustees of any township proceeding under sections 519.01 to 519.99 of the Revised Code, shall create and establish a township zoning commission. The commission shall be composed of five members who reside in the unincorporated area of the township, to be appointed by the board. The board of township trustees may appoint two alternate members to the township zoning commission, for terms to be determined by the board of township trustees. An alternate member shall take the place of an absent regular member at any meeting of the township zoning commission, according to procedures prescribed by resolution by the board of township trustees. The terms of the regular members shall be of such length and so arranged that the term of one member will expire each year. Where there is a county or regional planning commission the board may appoint qualified members of such commission to serve on the township zoning commission. Each regular or alternate member shall serve until the member's successor is appointed and qualified.

  The zoning commission conducts public hearings for proposed changes or amendments to the zoning resolution and renders a recommendation to the Trustees. The Township Trustees hold a public hearing on the zoning commission’s recommendation and make the final decision as to the requested change. The Township Trustees may by majority vote overrule a recommendation of the zoning commission.

  Zoning Commission Board Members:


Jordan Davenport, Chairperson
4775 E. Janes Lane
419-341-4979 (12-2025)

Paul Shaw, Vice-Chairperson
2690 E. Sand Road
419-341-1146 (12-2026)

Matt Gottron
4215 E Laurel Ridge
419-349-3800 (12-2028)

David Wonnell, Alternate
2750A Canterbury Circle
419-967-2070 (12-2024)

Kevin Howe
5001 E. Blue Teal
419-279-6109 (12-2027)

Gregory Hart
4800 E. Blue Heron
419-341-4736 (12-2024)

Bill Barnes, Alternate
3058 N Tiara Drive
419-270-7130 (12-2024)




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