Minutes: November 10th, 2010

NOVEMBER 10, 2010
The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe at 7:30 pm in the conference room. Other Board members present were Jack Devore, Bryan Baugh, Tom Anslow, and Doug Blackburn. Alternate Board member present included Jack Ziegler. Secretary for the meeting was Sandra Erwin. Others in attendance were George Wight, Sharon Wight, Mr. Marr, Karen Evans, Mr. Bolte.
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the introduction of the Board members and a brief overview of the meeting proceedings by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe. All those in attendance were sworn in by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe. Sandra Erwin was introduced as secretary for the meeting and would be taking the minutes of the meeting.
Sandra Erwin read a summary of case #543596. It is for a reduction of the rear yard setback and a reduction for the front yard setback in a R-1 residential district. Rear yard from 35 feet to 27 feet. And a front yard setback from 40 feet to 33 feet. The property located at Lot #372 Catawba Cliffs, second extension. The owner, being Karen E. Evans, is building a new residence on Catawba Island.
Chairman Dale VanLerberghe noted there was no notarized correspondence for consideration.
Chairman VanLerberghe offered the applicant an opportunity to address the Board. Karen Evans introduced herself. She explained about the required setback in the front of her proposed house that would be in line with the existing houses. Also that the size of her house required a setback in the rear also. Her contractor was not present.
Mr. Marr discussion on setbacks; he agreed with the numbers on the set that were needed. He was not sure on the accurate of the survey numbers. He presented the original map of the cliff area with different numbers.
Is the survey pins marked, yes Karen stated: the last two months the pins are in place by the survey? It is a current survey. This is about the 4th one done.
We are looking at the coverage of 28 percent which is not a required variance. Tom Anslow stated the coverage is not quite right. The surveyor gave the information to Karen Evans. Site plan north 116.61 south is longer at 119.28 east line is 70.13 and west is 77.61. Tom ran the numbers of the odd shape lot and the coverage is really close 29.65 but is under the 30 percent requirement.
Doug asked how many floors in the house. Karen stated 1-1/2 story home. What is the condition of the TV cable and telephone lines? She has stated the companies have been contacted and they are waiting to hear from them about the moving of the lines. Which way are they being moved. Karen, I am not sure they have been talking with my contractor on cost and action.
Are you having steps coming out the back door? Karen did not know that answer. The back door needs to be addressed. Is it a straight walk out or steps? If steps are needed they need to be included. My contractor was supposed to be here to address all these issues. The reason for this is if you ask for a rear setback of 27 feet then no steps can be added on to the house. You would be over your setback.
The eves do not matter as long as they are less than 18 inches from the house. In the papers the numbers are stated to the overhangs. The eves are included in the dimensions. Mr. Marr was concerned of this number.
23 feet total is left with the house in the center of the lot, so the side setbacks of 10 feet on the north and 13 feet to the south are in appliance with the side setback requirement.
Concern of the double doors on the back of the house need to be addressed. It looks like steps need to be addressed on the the back of the house. Jack Devore stated.
You are not in a real hurry right now stated Dale VanLerberghe. Looks to be unanswered questions for your request. Good size box on the property and if you put steps on the house you will be closer to the boundary. You can amend your request but we don’t think you can do that tonight. You don’t know if there are steps or a deck.
One other concern Tom did not understand the correspondence to residents in conjunction with this property. Adjoining property on the back side was not contacted. The Day’s were not contacted for the rear yard setback and are not present. The front yard setback is in line with the other houses no concerns regarding that part of the request.
Karen, who should of contacted the other property owners. Tom stated we are on the back side of the process. So we would like to table your request for further review. Other information should be found that we need. Karen what other information do you need. Tom; steps in the back or deck. That would change the setback variance you are requesting. You then can amend your request. Also an issue of coverage. You would need your contractor to recalculate your coverage.
Dale VanLerberghe, Chairman’s recommendation would be to fill out another application so it would be cleaner for the board. That was we are not looking at cross outs and old information. We would have current and correct information for the board to review. We would also need evaluation on the numbers of variance requested.
Dale: did the cliff association sign off on this proposal. Karen: yes: Please include the cliff approval with the new application. Sale is continuing this case till December 8th meeting. And we will continue to take all information for the case. But again a new clean application would be appreciated. No new fee would be opposed. Make note that a property owner needs to be notified for the new meeting. Also Dale VanLerberghe stated about the steps adding to the length of the house. So setbacks would not be inline. Mr. Marr do you have any other questions. No questions asked. Case set to continuance.
Case #543600
We, the undersigned owners of real estate in Catawba Island Township, Ottawa County, Ohio, request an area variance from the requirements of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Resolution for the following legally described land in the A Zoning District. 2158 NE Catawba Road – Parcel #013-16100-08445-000 Owner of record Cynthia Bolte.
A 40 square foot temporary sign attached to the south elevation of building for a period of 12 months. Sign will celebrate 75th anniversary of business. Install on 12/1/10 to 12-1-2011.
No correspondence received.
Jack Devore has stepped off the board and Jack Ziegler has stepped onto the board.
Mr. Bolte the application covers the topic. We are trying to celebrate 75 years of service to the community. I understand that the sign would not go up until December 9th due to the rules of approval. This sign is not selling it is just stating the 75th year of business. It is a temporary sign and would be removed after the year is up.
Board members any discussion. Doug this sign is not anything like the yacht club request. This sign is attached to their building and it is a celebration. Bryan this is not an advertising sign. This is a sign call to action. No phone number or information is on the sign.
Dale VanLerberghe feels it is great to have a company here that long and still in business. Tom, the sign is on the structure. We shouldn’t be hindering local businesses. The sign for business is already on the premises. This is only a temporary sign.
Dale VanLerberghe closed the discussion to the public.
Motion to approve by Bryan, Doug seconded it.
Vote: Bryan, yes; Doug, yes; Tom, yes; Jack, yes
Motion approved. December 8th will be the approval date after the minutes have been read and approved.
George Wight and Sharon Wight were present at the meeting. We asked them to stop at the office on Friday to pick up their permit. Zoning inspector, Walter was not present at this meeting. They agreed to wait till Friday for their permit.
Minutes of the October 13th meeting were presented and the motion to approve; Jack Ziegler stepped down from board and Jack Devore came back to the board. Correction to name of Baney (1st paragraph, fourth name)
Motion to approve by Bryan for the minutes of October 13th. Doug has seconded the motion to approve.
Bryan, yes; Doug, yes; Jack, yes; Tom, yes; Dale, yes: Minutes have been approved.

Recommendation by Bryan that the zoning inspector make sure that gate codes to gated communities be added to the application.
Motion to adjourn Jack Devore, Tom Anslow seconded, all in favor. Total agreement. Meeting adjourned.
Dale VanLerberghe, Chairman