Minutes: January 12th, 2011

JANUARY 12, 2011

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room. Other Board members present were Bryan Baugh, Doug Blackburn, Jack Devore. Alternate Jack Ziegler was present and asked to join the board. Zoning inspector Walter Wehenkel was all noted as present. Secretary for the meeting was Sandra Erwin.
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the introductions of the Board members. The first order of business was the Election of Officers: Nominations were taken for Chairperson: Bryan Baugh was nominated by Jack Devore and seconded by Doug Blackburn. Asked if there was any discussion and Doug Blackburn asked if he was going to attend every meeting. Bryan answered yes. No further discussion. Vote: Jack Devore-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes, Dale VanLerberghe-yes. The passing of the gavel has been passed to Bryan Baugh. Bryan Baugh is now the new Chairman of the Zoning Appeals Board.
The Vice Chairman nomination was open to the Board. Jack Devore was nominated by Doug Blackburn and seconded by Dale VanLerberghe. No discussion was needed. A vote was taken: Bryan Baugh-yes, Dale VanLerberghe-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes. Jack Devore is the new Vice Chairman for the Zoning Appeals Board.
The position of Secretary was then addressed. Nominations were taken: Bryan Baugh nominated Sandra Erwin and it was seconded by Jack Ziegler. Discussions were asked and the nomination was closed. All voted in favor of Sandra Erwin as Secretary for the Zoning Appeals Board.
The Board of Zoning Appeals is as follows: Bryan Baugh – Chairman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Devore – Vice Chairman------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandra Erwin- Secretary-------------------------------------
Walter Wehenkel brought to the attention of the board that all cases needed to be signed by Chairman and also all members of the board on that date.
Jack Ziegler informed Bryan Baugh-Chairman that we will not be in attendance at the February 2011 meeting.
Walt Wehenkel is now the zoning inspector for the Catawba Township. He presented the board with a calendar of upcoming meetings with an annual report of requests for variances. He also informed the board of Karen being the fiscal officer for the township and Shelly Stively being the Administrator for the township.
Walter Wehenkel brought to the attention of the board the discussion with Craig Stephens about changing his deck for a 4 season room. The Case #7505 was back in March 2003 requesting for a setback for a deck to the rear of the house. The variance was approved for a deck. Walter is asking the board does this resident need another variance for an addition. Bryan Baugh and Dale VanLerberghe feel another variance is needed for the 4 season room. All board members were in total agreement with them. An enclosed structure is not a deck. He will have to submit for a variance. Craig Stephens was received 4 variances over time from this board. Walt Wehenkel advises for a variance.
Tree house complaint has been received by Walt Wehenkel from Orchard Beach. This does not fall under the zoning appeals board. The tree house is not attached to a tree. So is this a structure or tree house. Walt will email the trustees about the tree house and see what they recommend.
Harbor Estates has an accessory structure that needs to be moved. The resident who owns the shed is applying for a variance. But has the shed now placed in the right of way of a private street. The State has made clear that we do not have the right for a sign (yacht club) to be in the right of way. So a shed would probably not be a good idea also. Do we have a right to accept an application for a variance from this? Accessory shed, Gerald Buck, not a paved surface – who owns the property. Walt feels that the association or developer owns the property not Gerald. Walt will confirm with Mr. Mullgan on the way to proceed with this request.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jack Devore and seconded by Dale VanLerberghe. Meeting was called at 8:05 p.m.

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