Minutes: December 8th, 2010

DECEMBER 8, 2010

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe at 7:30 in the conference room. Other Board members present were Bryan Baugh, Tom Anslow and Doug Blackburn. Alternate Board members present included Jack Ziegler (he will sit on board) and acting secretary Sandra Erwin.
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the introduction of the Board members and brief overview of the meeting proceedings by Chairman VanLergerghe. All those in attendance were sworn in by Chairman VanLerberghe. Mr. Wehenkel was introduced as interim zoning inspector.
The secretary, Sandra Erwin, read the summary of case #543596. This is continuation of the case from November, 2010. The Contactor was available to answer all questions put to the owner of property, Karen Evans.
The rear easement of 6ft is recorded in the back. With 50 ft. of road easement. The 3 houses in the back of the property on the water, even with setbacks will have 90ft if they ever build. The south lot line is correct with 119.23 ft. The house drawings were shown and Mr. Marr was invited to view the house plans. Evaluations were then talked about and the garage in front is tallest point 24.6 ft. Back door will be ground level. A patio will be put in with 1 step. The step is not out of the plot of property. Step inside of rear setback. No step in front. 1 rise nothing to project out of the boundary.
Coverage is ok. Under the required percentage. (28%)
Mr. Marr is still concerned of back property with road – sewage and water is out there. Probability of impact in back extremely remote. 6ft easement and 50ft road behind Evans property. Mr. Marr believes they are surveying for the road. Gary doesn’t feel road is probable. Mr. Marr has no problem to front setback, houses are right in line. Mr. Marr could live with the setbacks. Power line $36,000 to move to the owners expense.
Closed to the public:
Notice to Mr. Day was sent. Board’s comments all questions and concerns were answered from the previous meeting. Finding in Facts: Tom Anslow thoughts are in line, but they could have chosen a smaller house given the location. But can live with the project. Facts of Finding in line.
Motion to approve 543596 for rear set back of 27ft and front set back to 33 ft. Jack Zeigler seconded the motion. Vote to Approve #543596, Doug Blackburn-yes, Tom Anslow-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes, Bryan Baugh-yes. Motion carried. Approve 543596.

Case #543601 is to allow for an area variance from front yard requirements for a corner lot (1versus required 3) a reduction in the rear setback from the required 25 ft to 20ft. And authorizing two side setbacks of 7ft each. Owner of record Juanita & Phil Whitt
Joe Magee represents drawings for Phil and Juanita Whitt.
40 widths and 70 length of lot. Current 35 ft front, 25 ft rear and 10ft side.
Harbor side not surveyed. Ranch style home. Rear from neighbor. Front water side is a road and harbor on 3 sides. 10,000 sq ft. at 26% coverage. Flood plane is 5ft out. Door-landing and steps, no garage, park in side lot or back setback. Lawyer for the Cali’s objecting –application was not complete increase grade and drainage issues. Orientation they don’t agree on. Location would block their view of the harbor. 1st floor has to be out of flood plain and would not change crawl space. 4ft to bottom of floor joist. Bottom of crawl in flood 7ft to property line.
Andrew Cali 7ft x 7ft shed block view to Harbor. Shed is the problem. Where does shed go? Only objection – shed and porch never to be closed in. no other problems.
Closed to public. Tom Anslow 26.2% coverage.
Walt – lots are to be joined to one property.
Dale – appreciates the fact to move for neighbors as the Cali’s mentioned themselves. Appreciate wanting to be good neighbors. Explanation answering the finder of facts.
Bryan – not marked out. Model drawings helped with explanations of requests. Marking is a big part of decisions.
Motion – Relocate shed non obtrusive location. Move house forward – keep back
East Side North stairs are out of setbacks. Stairs not concern not in play with the road.
Motion from Jack Ziegler; accept 543601 moving house 5ft east. Storage shed on breezeway eliminate, could be placed in a non obscure location to neighbors. East set back of 25ft. Pavilon may not be enclosed. Remaining totally open. With the west side setback of property 25 ft. Bryan Baugh seconded.
Vote: Bryan Baugh-yes, tom Anslow-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes.
All approved of case 543601.
Case #543608 said request is to allow for a reduction in the rear yard setback from the required 35ft to 23 ft on the southern side of the single family dwelling for a proposed deck and stairs addition. Owners of record are Bryan & Laura Buckholz.
Bryan Buckholz – forgiveness request. Alan Vanbuilt back property borders and east.
Deck is 28ft long. Garage view blocks. Does not object – No issues with any of the neighbors. Cliffs no issue on the rear setback issue.
Board Bryan Baugh has no issues since the neighbors have none.
Closed to Public and Motion from Tom Anslow #543608 approve with stipulation that the deck remain open above. Never to be enclosed or covered. Bryan Baugh seconded.
Vote: Jack Ziegler –yes, Tom Anslow-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Bryan Baugh-yes
All approved motion #543608.
CASE #543603 said request is to allow for a reduction in the side yard setback from the required 40ft to 22.4 ft on the south side of the property for a proposed office and sales facility building addition. Owners of record are Marine Max – Catawba Island.
Jack Poe and Sally Poe house is to the back of building. Concern if moving lights to the north. Serious suggestion on lights. Janotta and Herner Inc. Assure that the light situation will be looked into and taken care of.
All additions are within all current setbacks of the buildings. Trailers going away and also the sign will be gone.
Front parking – are contained within the building requirements.
Closed for public.
Motion from Byran Baugh to approved 543603 as presented. Seconded by Jack Zeigler.
Opinion of board member and neighbor. Nicer look improving the look of the property.
Vote: Tom Anslow-yes, Bryan Baugh-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes.
Approved case 543603.
Case #543604 said request is to allow for a reduction in the side yard setback from the required 40ft to 21ft on the south side of the property and from the required 40ft to 31.5 ft on the north side of the property for a proposed boat storage addition. Owners of record Marine Max – Catawba Island.
Connecting the 2 buildings together will make more area of storage. All codes for fire protection have been addressed. Better utilization of property makes good business sense. Siding will match.
Tom Anslow ¼ mile building, no notification sent to fire chief for variance meeting to attend. Building will be fire suppressed major concern of zoning board. Doors are required. Matt in spring with John Gangway – also walked the whole building fire suppression system to code and inspection every year. Southside the township owns the property and it is the boat launching area.
Closed to public:
Motion from Bryan Baugh 543604 as presented. Seconded Doug Blackburn.
Vote: Bryan Baugh-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Tom Anslow-yes.
Motion carried 543604 approved.
CASE #543605 said request is to allow for a reduction in the side yard setback from the required 40 feet to 21.33 feet on the south side of the property for a proposed parts and maintenance addition. Owners of record are Marine Max – Catawba Island.
Maintenance trailer will go. Get rid of temporary toilets make it user friendly.
Frame building: fire walls will be put between walls of structures.
Motion made by Tom Anslow to approve 543605 with the stipulation that the temp trailer be removed 30 days after Certificate of Occupant. Seconded by Bryan Baugh.
Vote: Tom Anslow-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Bryan Baugh-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes.
All approved case #543605.
Minutes to be approved for the November 10th meeting. Doug Blackburn motioned to approve and Bryan Baugh seconded.
Vote: Tom Anslow- yes, Bryan Baugh-yes, Doug Blackburn-yes, Jack Ziegler-yes. All approved minutes of November 10th 2010. 9:40 pm meeting adjourned. Approved by all.

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