Minutes: December 19th, 2012

Catawba Island Zoning Commission

December 19, 2012


Matt Montowki
Bob Snyder
Mike Prosser
Curt Baxter

Paul Shaw called the meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission to order.
For the record, he identified the date as December 19,2012 and the time as 7:30 p.m.

Paul Shaw introduced himself as Chairman of the Catawba Island Zoning Commission and
introduced the rest of the Commission members. They included Patti Piacentino, Vice
Chairman, Jordon Davenport, and Keith Fisher. Walt Wehenkel, Secretary and Zoning
Inspector, was in attendance as was Trustee Matt Montowski.

Mr. Shaw welcomed those in attendance. He stated the Zoning Commission appreciated their
interest. He stated that during the public meeting, debates/talking amongst themselves was
not allowed. He asked that everyone in attendance sign the register. Any person wishing to
speak should be recognized and identify themselves by name and address for the record.
Finally he asked that all cell phones be turned off. Mr. Shaw invited those in attendance to
stand and cite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Shaw offered the following meeting agenda for approval by the Commission:

1) Application #544618: Lost Lake Development LLC PUD Phase 1 & 2 update and

Proposed Phase 3

2) The reading and approval of our last meeting minutes

3) 2013 re-organization meeting (time permitting)

4) Any old business

Mr. Shaw asked if there were any proposed additions or changes to the proposed agenda.
There were none.

Mr. Shaw requested a motion for the Zoning Commission to consider the Lost Lake
Development LLC PUD Phase 1 & 2 update and Proposed Phase 3 as outlined and described
in the Application #544618. Keith Fisher so moved and Jordan Davenport seconded the

Mr. Shaw asked Walter Wehenkel if there was any written correspondence. Mr. Wehenkel
indicated he had not received anything. Mr. Shaw asked if any board member has a personal
or professional conflict concerning the case. There were no conflicts.

Lost Lake Development LLC - Application # 544618

Mr. Shaw indicated the legal description was quite lengthy and asked Jordan Davenport to
please read it into the record. Mr. Fisher asked if it was necessary to read the entire legal
description. He asked if it could be simply stipulated that the description was included with
the application. Walter Wehenkel stated that is the normal procedure that the Zoning
Commission has used in the past. Mr. Davenport proceeded in reading the legal descriptions
for all three phases as submitted with the application.

Mr. Shaw requested a presentation by the applicant or his representative. Michael Prosser
stated Phase 1 of the PUD is complete. The developer is working on the Phase 2 portion.
Phase 3 is a new portion ofthe development that was previously rezoned to the "R-E" zoning
district, but never included within a PUD plan approval. The developer thought it had been
included, but in reviewing the previously approved legal descriptions with the zoning
inspector, it was determined it was not included. Therefore, this submission is before the
Zoning Commission. It includes all previous minor deviations that have been authorized by
the Trustees.

The overall density is 4.15 units per acre which conforms to the Land Use Plan. The acreage
included in Phase 3 is about 4.35 acres of which 1.97 acres are below the elevation of 5.74
feet U.S.G.S. The net land acreage is therefore about 2.4 acres and ten units are proposed.
All roads are in place to service these condominium buildings which will be two-unit

Mr. Shaw asked for questions from the Commission members. Jordan Davenport questioned
if it was necessary for this proposal to be before the Commission or if it was a minor
deviation. Mr. Wehenkel stated minor deviation go to the Trustees. In his opinion this is not
a minor deviation as it was not part of a previously approved PUD. Mr. Davenport asked
where the minor deviations were located that have previously been approved by the Trustees.
Michael Prosser identified the location of the previously approved minor deviations. Mr.
Snyder indicated those two previously approved minor deviations were similar to this request
in that the developer was changing from four unit buildings to two unit buildings.

Mr. Shaw asked for any additional testimony. There was none. He closed the public
discussion. He asked for comments from the Commission members.

Jordan Davenport asked ifthere were water and sanitary sewer lines in place and if there were
any fire hydrants. Michael Prosser stated the sanitary sewer line is in as is the three inch
water line. Because of the size of the waterline, a fire hydrant is not possible. Mr. Snyder
stated there is a dry hydrant in the harbor that can be accessed for fire fighting purposes. All
other infrastructure is already installed. Matt Montowski asked if the dry hydrant is checked
by the fire department. Jordan Davenport stated he would need to ask John Gangway. He
was unaware that it was back there and unsure if it is flushed regularly.

Keith Fisher and Patti Piacentino both indicated they had no other specific questions to ask of
the developer. They both acknowledged the proposal was well prepared.

Bob Snyder asked Mr. Wehenkel if everything was included within the PUD. Mr. Wehenkel
stated that, based upon his review of the legal description, he felt everything was included.
Jordan Davenport asked ifthere was any correspondence from the County. Mr. Wehenkel
stated that a PUD plan for condominiums is not reviewed by the County. Only when lots will
be sold in a PUD does the County review the proposal and submit their comments.

Bob Snyder stated this is a sign of the times that developers are facing. Single family homes
are not selling, but two unit condominiums are selling. Developers need to adjust their plans
to the market. Paul Shaw stated he was a little concerned when he reviewed the plans as there
was no mention of signage. Mr. Snyder asked what type of signage. Mr. Shaw stated street
signs, etc. but once he toured the site he realized there was no need for any information on

Paul Shaw asked for any additional comments. Mr. Snyder stated there are people out there
that like the development. It has been a very successful project.

Mr. Shaw stated there was a motion on the floor concerning the request that has been made in
Application #544618 to consider the Lost Lake Development LLC PUD Phase 1 & 2 update
and Proposed Phase 3 as outlined and described. A "yes" vote indicates you are in favor of
the motion recommending the proposed updating of phase 1 and 2 of the PUD and the
proposed phase 3 as presented to the Catawba Island Township Trustees for their
consideration, a "no" vote on the motion indicates you do not favor these proposed changes
and additions. Upon roll call, all members in attendance voted yes. Mr. Wehenkel indicated
the case would be heard by the Township Trustees on January 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.


Mr. Shaw indicated that at this time the Zoning Commission would move on to the approval
of our prior meeting minutes from the May 23, 2012 meeting. He stated that those in the
audience are welcomed to stay or they could leave.

Mr. Shaw requested a motion to adopt the minutes as mailed. Keith Fisher so moved. His
motion was seconded by Patti Piacentino. The motion was passed unanimously by voice

Reorganizational Meeting

Mr. Shaw stated the reorganization of the Commission was next on the agenda. Jordan
Davenport noted that the reorganizational meeting is usually held in January and that is what
the Zoning Resolution dictates. Mr. Shaw stated he felt that the Commission could reorganize
this evening as there is the opportunity to do so. The elections of officers would be effective

starting in January, 2013. Jordan Davenport moved to elect a slate of officers to be effective
beginning in January of 20 13. Patti Piacentino seconded the motion. The motion passed

After discussion amongst the Zoning Commission members, the following slate of officers
was selected - Paul Shaw, Chairman; Jordan Davenport, Vice-Chairman; and Walter
Wehenkel, Secretary. Patti Piacentino moved to elect the slate of officers for 2013. Keith
Fisher seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Paul Shaw asked for a motion to adjourn. Jordan Davenport moved to adjourn the meeting.
His motion was seconded by Patti Piacentino. The motion passed and the meeting was
adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Walter Wehenkel