Minutes: June 23rd, 2009

The regular business meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees was called to order by chairman William Rofkar at 7:30 p.m. on June 23, 2009 in the conference room. In attendance: William Rofkar, Robert Schroeder, Gary Mortus, excused, Dan Barlow, Reggie Langford, Matt Montowski, Pat Cerny, Rob Judge, Steve Lovitt and Scott Street. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve the minutes as received from the last meeting seconded by William Rofkar. All voted aye.

Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $35,522.59 seconded by William Rofkar. All voted aye.

Correspondence included a thank you from the Mayor of the City of Port Clinton for supplying mulch to Lakeview Park.

A letter addressed to Mr. Jack Grummel, Gem Beach Marina with a copy given to Pat Cerny, from Ann and Tony Rumpf in regard to the Beach Towne at Gem Beach Condo project.

Dan West, Chief of Division of Parks and Recreation, Ohio Department of Natural Resources regarding “Trails for Ohioans”.

Steve Lovitt, Gem Beach Marina, in attendance for United Way stating Gem Beach will hold a similar event as they did last year, an eight hour rock fest on August 15, 2009. Mr. Lovitt was asking for assistance from the Police and Fire and also asking if they could close a road and redirect traffic. This will all be handled with the police.

Scott Street, Street Sothebys, stating they have moved their office adjacent to Mon Ami and they have put a sign up that is not permitted as it is township property. The sign can be put on the office property. The Zoning Inspector will work with Mr. Street on this.

Reggie Langford stated he received his Eradicoat Kit for gypsy moths complete with burlap, chemical and instructions.

Robert Schroeder stated in order to enforce motorcycle muffler noise, signage must be placed as you enter Catawba Island Township.
It will be discussed further at the next meeting.

William Rofkar stated he would like to pass the ODNR letter on to the Park Board.

William Rofkar stated he would like to sell the police cruiser with a sealed bid for the next business meeting.

Newell Equipment had the lowest bid for the truck box package at $34,904.00 and there were some items not included and that brought the price up to $37,384.00 which is still low. There is some confusion with the plow package. This will be put on hold and the Trustees will re-review the truck specifications. Dan Barlow would like to see them proceed with the chassis.

William Rofkar and Pat Cerny had a meeting with the State Auditor and had a preliminary review of the audit. William Rofkar also stated Mastermind did a road log for the striping program and the township is where it needs to be with the county engineer as required to be in the striping program.

The drain in the Maintenance Department needs to be changed and a bid was received from Cuevas Construction for $5900.00 to replace the floor drain system. Robert Schroeder made a motion to approve this replacement seconded by William Rofkar. Robert Schroeder, aye; William Rofkar, aye. A bid was received from Kreimes
Company for repairing the section of Sand Road near Rock Ledge Inn where the edges are crumbled and one driveway approach that is next to this for $1452.00. The blacktop repair was approved last fall with Erie Blacktop but it was never repaired and the township did not pay them for this. Robert Schroeder, seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Robert Schroeder made a motion to adjourn seconded by William Rofkar. All voted aye.