Minutes: February 22nd, 2003

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission was called to order by chairperson Patti Piacentino on February 26, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room. Members present were Patti Piacentino, Dave Drusbacky, Ryan Nuhfer and Stan McCumber. Also present: Pat Cerny, Zoning Inspector and Secretary for the Commission, Allen Stryker, George Wight, Mary Koch, Gilbert Koch, James Stouffer, Steve May, Renee Potter, Gina Lewis, Glenn Cunningham, Bob Schroeder, Bill Rofkar, Steve Fall and Mel Miller.

The minutes of the January 22, 2003 were read as presented and approved unanimously. Dave Drusbacky made a motion to approve and Stan McCumber seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Application #7494 – Catawba-Cleveland Development Corporation and Midland Title Agency requesting a Planned Unit Development using the Catawba Island Club Golf Course plus more land that now is either vacant, commercial or single-family, zoned RE, or to be rezoned as RE either at the February 11 or March 11, 2003 meeting. (attachments were presented) Ms. Piacentino read correspondence received by Robert Schroeder, Catawba Island Township Trustee in regard to this application from condominium owners Mr. & Mrs. Linsalata requesting a meeting with the condominium owners with a detailed presentation.

Mr. Stouffer was asked to address the audience and the Zoning Commission. Steve May, chief financial officer for the CIC, was also present to answer technical questions and Mel Miller from Jennotta & Herner, chairman, President. Mr. Stouffer stated the process for a PUD is a public process one in which you follow the letter of the law and make sure your neighbors are satisfied with what you have attempted

and what you have accomplished. One hundred-twenty (120) notices to neighbors were notified by mail. Mrs. Linsalata is an adjacent property owner and prior to the notification, Mr. Stouffer met with the Association President, Mr. Andrew Unger, at length twice.

At the present time, there are approximately eighty-seven ( 87) Catawba Island Club Condominiums and feedback has been favorable. Mr. Stouffer also presented a booklet to the Commission and the audience. He also explained that Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest would be the golf course architects. This project will be taken slowly and the first phase will be to enhance and add to the Catawba Island Club nine holes of golf. It will be south of Beach Club Road around what is known as Speaker’s Pond. The natural setting will be maintained and enhanced. There will be little or no change to the natural setting.

Residential will be introduced and kept to the northern sector. There will be sixty units (60) in

the boomerang shaped triangle. Tennis courts will be incorporated. Drainage problems will be addressed with ponds and rolling terrain area. There will be a buffer zone between building #7 and the new units. 200 plus feet. The roadway was re-directed so the traffic pattern into these residences does not touch their

roadway. There will also be garages available for CIC, 4,5,6,7,8. Density is a critical factor in this project and they have met with the density allowed in our Land Use Plan. Each area will have its defined space. Each building will have the appropriate space set aside. Mr. Stouffer also stated any changes will be brought to the Catawba Island Township Trustees.

The golf carts that will access for the golf course will be on a golf cart path adjacent to the edge of the water with an inside curve or hedgerow that will prevent a golfer from going off of the golf cart path and coming up onto the roadway. There will be sixty (60) units adjacent to CIC, four units per building, a total of thirty-three (33) units up at the north end. Sixty (60) plus thirty-three (33). The density allows them 345 total. Steve Fall, Beach Club Road, has been a long time neighbor of the CIC Club and stated they did a fine job integrating housing into fairways and making a minimal impact on the neighbors and he

sees nothing to object to. The discussion was closed to the audience. There was a five (5) minute break taken.

Patti Piacentino read the requirements for an application for a Planned Unit Development from our Zoning Resolution, Page 107 D. 1. Each item was read and discussed and the criteria gone over to see if it meets the criteria. Steve May also explained the criteria of “e” and describing open space. Each building has to have 6,000 square feet per unit dedicated exclusively for the building. Also the exhibits were used in this determination.

Patti Piacentino then read the Basis of Approval from the Zoning Resolution. Commission member Stan McCumber expressed concern for traffic situations. Ryan Nuhfer stated we have traffic problems already on Rte. 53, but we cannot halt development because of them. Steve May stated this is a small influx of traffic. ]The Land Use Plan also addressed traffic.

Dave Drusbacky made a motion to accept application #7494 as submitted. Stan McCumber seconded the motion. Stan McCumber, yes to approve, Ryan Nuhfer, yes to approve, Dave Drusbacky, yes to approve. Motion passes. The Commission thanked Mr. Stouffer and Mr. May for the excellent presentation.

Dave Drusbacky made a motion to adjourn and Stan McCumber seconded the motion. All voted aye.