Minutes: April 23rd, 2003

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission was called to order by Patti Piacentino on April 23, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room. Present were Patti Piacentino, Dave Drusbacky, Stan McCumber, Ryan Nuhfer, Pat Cerny, John Coppeler, Robert Johnson, Mike Prosser, Jim Davenport, Daniel Sergstodl, and Mike Sentech.

The minutes of the March meeting were read and reviewed. Dave Drusbacky made a motion to approve and Stan McCumber second. All voted aye.

Case #7517 –Request for a Planned Unit Development from Davenport Real Estate. John Coppeler represented Davenport Real Estate Development, LLC. This development would be referred to as Falling Waters. 51 acres, 24 are below water and 26.136 are buildable acres. NE Catawba Road and abuts Muggy Road; 61 single residential lots, and a commercial area on NE Catawba Road near Muggy Road. The residential lots would be a separate phase of construction.

The drawing before the Commission shows a small building and pool and three buildings for neighborhood commercial. An outline was provided with the requirements for a P.U.D. showing how they have met the criteria. The proposed numbers of residences are in the guidelines of the long range land use plan at 61 homes. 3.0 homes per acre. To the west Hidden Harbor adjoins this development and additonal buffering in this area. Mr. Coppeler stated they are here this evening asking for approval and there will be additional details that will be submitted to the Trustees as to the additional phases. Mike Prosser stated this project will be different and this will not be approved as one but in three phases. The first phase would be the construction of the roadway. The third phase would be the commercial. It will be an attractive addition to the island.

The Commission had some questions for the applicants.

Bob Johnson, a neighbor, stated he is happy with the Hidden Harbor project. Stan McCumber questioned the open area. Mr. Coppeler has not done a calculation as of yet. Prosser stated the required amount exceeds that amount. 15,000 sq. ft are required per unit allowing deviation. This is based on the Land Use Plan. There was discussion on this subject. We are at 14,354 sq. ft per dwelling and 3.03 homes per acre. Only 6,000 sq. ft. has to be surrounding the buildings. Mike explained that the purpose of the PUD is for deviations from the normal subdivisions and flexibility for design and to cluster homes. There was discussion in regard to open space. The Hidden Harbor plat was brought to the table for the commission to look at. John Coppeler read from the resolution. (page 104)

Patti Piacentino read the application procedure from the zoning resolution. The applicants responded to each items. (a to l) Attached to the minutes. Dave Drusbacky stated he thought that the Hidden Harbor presentation was more detailed. Dave Drusbacky stated the rear yard set back is an issue with him. Do we need a rear yard set back or do we not?

Dave Drusbacky made a motion to accept application #7517 for a Planned Unit Development having the applicant address item h including addressing the rear lot set back, and which also

includes the dimensions of the road right of way the pavement, rear yard added to the drawing and adding drainage to the drawing. Stan second the motion. Stan McCumber, yes to approve, Ryan Nuhfer, yes to approve, Dave Drusbacky, yes to approve. Motion approved.

Stan McCumber made a motion to adjourn and Dave Drusbacky second, all voted yes.