Minutes: August 13th, 2009

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Appeals was called to order by chairperson Dale VanLerberghe at 7:30 p.m. on August 13, 2003 in the conference room. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the introduction of the Board. Also, Dale gave an overview of the meeting proceedings and swore in all that wish to speak. Present were Dale VanLerberghe, Jenine Porter, Bryan Baugh, Bob Gibbons, Tom Anslow, Doug Blackburn, Pat Cerny, Jim Vacha, Darlene Grygier, Sandra Chisar, John Pinks, John Choban, Richard Talbert, Deanne Kramer, Bill Kramer, Ben Richards, Al Feverstein and Jeff Day.

Case #7584 – Jeffrey Day – 3969 E. Bonanza Drive – R-1 zoning – requests an area variance for a rear yard setback of 30 feet instead of the required 35 feet. No correspondence. There is an existing house on the parcel which will be removed.. Dale stated he saw only one flag marking the variance. The Board was not happy with the markers. Tom Anslow stated there was a flag in the bushes. Tom Anslow made a motion to approve #7584 as presented. Bob Gibbons seconded the motion. Jenine Porter, yes, Tom Anslow, yes, Bob Gibbons, yes, Bryan Baugh, no, Dale VanLerberghe, yes.

Case #7591 – Sandra Chisar and Darlene Grygier, 5846 Plum Street, Gem Beach, C-4 Zoning – variance for the other front yard of 14 feet (Utility Drive) instead of the required 25 feet to build a deck. The two lots were combined with an affidavit. Ms. Grygier spoke as they are remodeling the cottage and elderly parents are involved. The shed will also be moved and will be correct with the setbacks. ``Jenine Porter made a motion to approved 7591 as presented, Bryan Baugh second the motion. Jenine, yes, Bryan, yes, Bob, yes, Tom, yes, Dale, yes to approve.

Case #7589 – William and Deanne Kramer 1541 N. Starboard – R-4 Zoning – rear yard setback of 8 ft. instead of the required 35 feet (Starboard) the other front yardof 9 feet instead of the required 25 feet (Marina Avenue) coverage of 40% instead of the allowable 39%.``Bryan Baugh removed himself from this case as a conflict of interest. Deanne Kramer stated they have changed the size of the home and the garage since their last request. The area was surveyed and pins found. The compliance committee of Harbor Park has approved this. ``Dale stated that the lot grew. The platted area is larger due to the new survey. The bulkhead has been extended twice and they own the property

inbetween the bulkhead and where the platted area shows. Each time the bulkhead was replaced it was extended three feet. They are working to have the deed corrected. Mr. Talbert from Harbor Park also explained the lot size different. There also was a sewage grinding pump on this lot but since has been filled with concrete. The north side of the house has a 13 foot setback and sewer written in. The foundation cannot impair the sewer manhole. The variance requested is 8 foot on Starboard Avenue and 9 foot on Marina. He feels the plan is acceptable. There was concern by the Board as to how this lot can keep growing. Jenine Porter made a motion to accept case #7589 as proposed with the addition of a 25 foot variance to the channel front yard. Bob Gibbons second the motion. Jenine, yes to approve, Bob, yes to approve, Tom, abstain; Doug, yes to approve, Dale, yes to approve.

The minutes of the July 9, 2003 meeting were read and approved as received. Tom Anslow made a motion to approve and Jenine seconded. All voted aye.

Bryan Baugh made amotion to adjourn, Tom second the motion, all voted aye.