Minutes: May 18th, 2022

MAY 18, 2022
Morris White
Steve A. May

Members of the Commission in attendance were Chairperson Jordan Davenport, Vice-Chairperson Paul Shaw, Ron Wiseman, and Alternates Dr. Gregory Hart and Matt Gottron.

Chairperson Davenport called the meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission to order at 7:00 p.m. For the record, he identified the date as May 18, 2022. The Zoning Commission procedure was reviewed by Chairperson Davenport.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Chairperson Davenport reviewed the agenda.
Agenda Item 1 – Request for a Zoning Amendment
Secretary Bickley indicated that the case number for the rezoning application is 155371 and the legal description is attached with the application.
Secretary Bickley noted that he has not received correspondence concerning the application.
No Board member had a conflict of interest.
Chairperson Davenport recognized Steve May, representative of Catawba Boat Yard Ventures, LLC. Mr. May noted that the applicant intends to rezone the remaining area of the former “Winke Property”. The spoils on the property were from the water and sewer projects. The intent is to continue with the building of boat storage facilities. The dirt will be used for the residential projects and around the golf course, and it will not be sold off. Mr. May indicated that one (1) more storage building can be built on the existing “C-4” zoned property.
Chairperson Davenport recognized Morris White. Mr. White commented that he was unaware that the CIC was Catawba Boat Yard Ventures, LLC. Mr. White noted that he lives on Schoolhouse Road and the rear of his property backs up to CIC’s property. His concern is with the woods. Secretary Bickley informed the Board of Mr. Whites property and that it does not abut the property requested to be rezoned. Mr. Whites property is adjacent to the parcel that is between the former “Winke Property” and the Kopf’s condominium property. Mr. May indicated that the property between the former “Winke Property” and Kopf’s condominium property is proposed to be the location of the clubhouse and the short game practice area. The practice area would be at the north end of the parcel.
Mr. May commented that the area will continue to be cleaned up and the storage buildings will end at the cell tower.
Mr. White noted that he has a concern with the property owner located north of the parcel to be rezoned. Secretary Bickley noted that the property to the north of the parcel to be rezoned is zoned “R-4”.
Chairperson Davenport closed discussion from the floor. Mr. Shaw questioned if the intent is for additional boat storage buildings. Mr. May noted that is correct and the buildings are heated and air conditioned.
Paul Shaw made a motion to recommend to the Township Trustees approval of Case #155371. The motion was seconded by Ron Wiseman. The Board Members voted as follows: Mr. Shaw – Yes, Mr. Wiseman – Yes, Mr. Gottron – Yes, and Mr. Hart – Yes. Motion passed.
Chairperson Davenport noted that the Catawba Island Trustees will hear the case on June 14, 2022.
Agenda Item 2 – Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
With no corrections, the March 23, 2022 meeting minutes were approved as emailed.
Agenda Item 3 – Unfinished Business
No unfinished business to conduct.
Agenda Item 4 – New Business
The next scheduled meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission is Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
With no other business to conduct, Chairman Davenport adjourned the meeting at 7:24 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Todd Bickley