Minutes: March 27th, 2024

MARCH 27, 2024
William Baker Laura Mahlich
Virginia Dunwiddie Larry Valentine
Shannon Pilny

Members of the Commission in attendance were Chairperson Jordan Davenport, Paul Shaw and Alternate Bill Barnes and David Wonnell. Also in attendance were Matt Montowski, Trustee, and Todd Bickley, Zoning Inspector and Commission Secretary.

Chairperson Davenport called the meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission to order at 7:00 p.m. For the record, he identified the date as March 27, 2024.
Chairperson Davenport reviewed the agenda.
Agenda Item 1 – Consider applications to the commission
Agenda Item 2 – Approve prior meeting minutes
Agenda Item 3 – Unfinished Business
Agenda Item 4 – New Business
Agenda Item 1 – Applications
No new applications were submitted for review.
Agenda Item 2 – Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
Paul Shaw read the February 28, 2024 minutes. The minutes were approved as read.
Agenda Item 3 – Unfinished Business
Mr. Bickley reviewed proposed text amendments which included the following:
• Changing Section 7, F to Section 7, E - Dwelling Size requirement in the Residential Districts (“A”, “R-A”, “R-1”, “R-3”, “R-4”, and “R-6”).
• Remove the maximum 20% enlargement limitation under Section 7 Item D of the Non-Conforming Buildings and Uses.
• Add to Section 7 Item E of Dwelling Size and Standards the requirement for manufactured homes that the minimum width of twenty-three (23) feet shall extend the entire length of the manufactured home. Also reference Section 3781.06 of the Ohio Revised Code for a permanent foundation for manufactured homes.
Laura Mahlich noted that manufactured homes can be placed on a slab with pillars and tie downs. The Harbor Park Marina Association will be reviewing its requirements and can require perimeter block foundations and prohibit skirting. This would address appearance, help keep rodents out and maintain property values. Ms. Mahlich noted that single wide manufactured homes would also be prohibited. Chairman Davenport commented that these requirements would need to be handled by the association.
The Board reviewed the proposed text amendments.
Dave Wonnell made a motion to initiate the proposed text amendments as presented by Zoning Inspector Todd Bickley. The motion was seconded by Paul Shaw. Motion passed with all members voting in the affirmative.
Agenda Item 4 New Business
Shannon Pilny commented on a structure, three (3) separate construction trailers, located on Anchor Road. Work on the structure stopped. Mr. Bickley indicated that he would visit the site Friday morning.
The meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Todd Bickley