Minutes: May 12th, 2010

Catawba Island Township Board of Zoning Appeals

May 12, 2010

The regular meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order by Chairman Dale VanLerberghe at 7:30 in the conference room. Present were Bryan Baugh, Tom Anslow, Jack DeVore, Sandra Erwin, Jack Zeigler, Pat Cerny, Matt Montowski, Tim Sacksteder, Renee DeVore, Lee Short, and Rich Dickinson. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the introduction of Board members and a brief overview of the meeting proceedings.

Case # 543525 – Tim Sacksteder – 5424 Eastview, Lot 29 – “A” Zoning
As continued from the last Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on April 14, 2010, an area variance is being requested for a sunroom in the front yard with a front yard setback of 35 feet instead of the required 50 feet in the “A” District.

Tim Sacksteder stated last month when he first made his request before the Board of Zoning Appeals he had measured to the road instead of to the right-of-way. He said he measured again and amended his variance request to read for a front yard setback of 29 feet 2 inches instead of the required 50 feet in the “A” District. Tim Sacksteder stated there have been no other changes since last month.

Sandra Erwin asked Tim Sacksteder to clarify the dimensions of his building. Tim Sacksteder said the existing building is 28 x 34 and the addition is going to be 14 x 16.
Dale VanLerberghe noted they were looking at a rear yard setback of four feet instead of the required seven feet.

Jack DeVore said he had stopped by the property and asked Tim Sacksteder if he had put new flags up because he did not see any. Tim Sacksteder replied that his wife took them down when she mowed and did not put the flags back up.

Dale VanLerberghe closed the discussion to the public. Bryan Baugh stated he did not have any concerns with the request because it fits the character of the neighborhood and lines up with the neighbor’s homes. He said the measurements look correct on paper.

Tom Anslow said he agrees with everything and thinks the number can be rounded off to 29 feet and forget about the two inches.

Jack DeVore made a motion to approve request #543525 with a setback of 29 feet as stated on new forms provided to the Board. Bryan Baugh seconded the motion. Jack DeVore, yes; Bryan Baugh yes; Tom Anslow, yes; and Sandra Erwin, yes. Case #543525 is approved. Dale VanLerberghe informed Tim Sacksteder the meeting to approve the minutes will be June 9 and the Zoning Certificate can be picked up in Pat Cerny’s office on Friday, June 11.

Case # 543534 – Rich Dickinson – 5750 E. Lakeview Dr., – “R3” Zoning
The area variance request is for an addition to an existing cottage with a side yard set back of three feet instead of the required five feet in the R-3 District for a substandard size lot width.

Dale VanLerberghe excused Jack DeVore due to a conflict with the case and alternate Jack Zeigler was seated in his place.

Rich Dickinson stated he owned the property at 5750 Lakeview and said the purpose of the project was to put their home in a position where they would be able to retire there in the future and make it more conducive to living there year round. Rich Dickinson introduced his architect, Lee Short, to the Board.

Lee Short said they are requesting a two foot variance to build an addition to an existing home three feet from the property line. He said the site is a double house or a duplex on a 60 foot wide lot. Lee Short said the existing cottage is located approximately two and a half feet off the west property line and they would be coming in about six inches from that and not trying to match it. He said he realizes they are very close to the property line, but it is very helpful to the floor plan as they are trying to maximize the space in the back area by developing a kitchen, creating storage and a closet area. He said to hold to the required five feet would create a very tight situation.

Lee Short said he looked at the possibility of moving the area to the back, but that would create having to relocate and rebuild the deck to make it functional. He said that would create a problem with where neighbors are parking and would hinder their ability to pull out onto the road requiring them to back out onto Twin Beach Road. Lee Short said he knows what they are proposing is very close to the property line and that is the reason for there being no windows on that side. He said they are proposing to put a one hour fire wall in and use a noncombustible roof system to create some protection as well as the solid wall in that area. Lee Short said he feels it is an unusual situation with it being a double cottage and the owners are trying to get the most out of the addition without having to move and rebuild the deck.

Bryan Baugh said it looks like the existing home is already about three feet away from the property line and you would be bringing the addition out in line with what is already there. Lee Short said it is actually 30 inches from the property line and he would be off setting the addition by 6 inches so he can build the addition plumb and allow for a different siding. Dale VanLerberghe asked what the overhang was in inches. Lee Short said the overhang is roughly 12 inches. Bryan Baugh said the deck was not being moved out, but rather the addition would take up the space where some of the deck was located. Lee Short said that was correct. Lee Short clarified that an existing lean-to portion of the house was also going to be torn off before adding the addition.

Dale VanLerberghe expressed his appreciation to Lee Short for how well everything was marked out. Board members examined measurements for coverage and it was determined the coverage would not be changing.

Tom Anslow said he hates how close it is but he can see how things are close in that area and the house is already close to he property line. He said he is happy the fire issue was addressed but he would like to see the deck cut down to ground level.

Bryan Baugh said he does not have a problem with the addition because it is lining up with the existing home and taking up space that is already used now. He said the houses are close and that is a concern in the event of a fire but he likes the fact they will be using fire retardant materials that should help if there is a fire.

Dale VanLerberghe said he feels it is a smart move to put the firewall in and make it as safe as possible for not only the residents but for the adjoining neighbor. He said he thinks it is nice and helps, in his opinion, with an existing structure that is already too close to the other structure and is trying to make the best of what could be considered a tough situation.

Bryan Baugh made a motion to approve Case #543534 as presented. Sandra Erwin seconded the motion. Bryan Baugh, yes; Sandra Erwin, yes; Jack Zeigler, yes; and Tom Anslow, yes. Case #543534 is approved. Dale VanLerberghe informed Rich Dickinson the meeting to approve the minutes will be June 9 and the Zoning Certificate can be picked up in Pat Cerny’s office on Friday, June 11.

Bryan Baugh made a motion to approve the meeting minutes as presented from the
April 14 meeting, seconded by Sandra Erwin. All voted aye. Motion approved.

Jack Zeigler made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Tom Anslow. The motion was carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned.