Zoning Board of Appeals  

In any township which adopts zoning regulations the board of township trustees shall appoint a township board of zoning appeals composed of five members who shall be residents of the unincorporated territory in the township included in the area zoned. The board of township trustees may appoint two alternate members to the township board of zoning appeals, for terms to be determined by the board of township trustees. An alternate member shall take the place of an absent regular member at any meeting of the board of zoning appeals, according to procedures prescribed by resolution by the board of township trustees. An alternate member shall meet the same appointment criteria as a regular member. When attending a meeting on behalf of an absent member, the alternate member may vote on any matter on which the absent member is authorized to vote. The terms of all regular members shall be of such length and so arranged that the term of one member will expire each year. Each regular or alternate member shall serve until the member's successor is appointed and qualified.

  The Township Board of Appeals serves as a judicial branch with the Ohio Revised Code granting the Board the ability to hear appeals, issue variances and issue conditional use permits by holding public hearings to consider testimony and public opinion.

  Board of Zoning Appeals Members:


Bryan Baugh, Chairperson
1952 NE Catawba Road
419-734-6139 or 419-656-5619(12-2027)

Sandra Erwin, Secretary
2803 E. Sand Road
419-732-3875 (12-2026)

Flint Heidlebaugh, Alternate
5860 E Lakeview
419-348-1637 (12-2023)

Rebecca Jessen, Alternate
5714 E. Pittsburgh Street
419-341-2452 (12-2023)

Jack Zeigler, Vice-Chairperson
3079 N Hatteras Drive
419-266-3241 (12-2024)

Brian Caldwell
2957 N Swift Dr
740-361-4917 (12-2025)

Doug Blackburn
3489 NE Catawba Road
419-656-6674 (12-2023)




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