Minutes: December 11th, 2012

Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees

Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2012

The regular business meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees was called to order by Chairman William Rofkar on Tuesday, December 11, at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room.

In attendance were Gary Mortus, Matt Montowski, William Rofkar, Karen Shaw, Dan Barlow, John Gangway, Randy Riedmaier, and Jack DeVore.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

The minutes were read from the November 27 regular meeting of the Board of Township Trustees. Gary Mortus made a motion to approve the November 27 meeting minutes as presented. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Matt Montowski made a motion to approve and pay the bills, including the last payroll, in the amount of $147,504.58. Gary Mortus seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.


The following correspondence was received by the township and read:

A letter from Erin Patton of the Ohio Public Entity Consortium regarding the 2013 wellness program renewal.

A letter from Greg McCormick, Project Manager for Cold Spring Granite, requesting a time extension to complete the 360 niche Shelter project. The extension request is for the final process which includes layout and installation of the concrete patio and walkway.

A letter from the U.S. Censes Bureau requesting completion of a voluntary Boundary and Annexation Survey to update their records.


Fiscal Officer Karen Shaw presented the November financial reports and bank reconciliation and there were no questions or concerns.

Fire and Safety

Fire Chief John Gangway said they had difficulty locating parts for the 1971 Scout which has caused a delay in the repairs but they should be completed by the end of the week.


Maintenance Supervisor Dan Barlow said he would like to put spot lights above the recycling cans to improve visibility in the evening. He said the lights will be tied in with the current lighting and work on a timer.

The Trustees agreed to the installation of spot lights at the recycling area.

Dan Barlow presented a quote of $13,850 from CL Fox Contractors for the West Harbor Boat Launch repairs including the installation of sheetwall, installation of cross ties to the Marine Max wall, and repairs to the drainage basin. Stone, if needed, will cost an additional $20 per ton supplied and installed.

Gary Mortus made a motion to go with the proposal from CL Fox Contractors for $13,850 for repair of the township boat launch. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Dan Barlow said he expressed concerns to Project Manager Greg McCormick regarding pouring the concrete for the columbarium now as the winter weather approaches. He said that is what prompted the letter from Cold Spring Granite requesting the extension because the date for completion was set for December 15, 2012.

Gary Mortus made a motion to grant Cold Spring Granite Company a 30 day extension on the columbarium project. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Dan Barlow said Marine Max stepped up to help with their short cab truck for the off loading process when the columbarium corner units were set as the builder’s contracted equipment could not make the turn at the compost area.

Gary Mortus thanked Dan Barlow for his continued work on the columbarium project and for taking pictures as the project progresses and posting them on the township website.

Matt Montowski thanked Dan Barlow and his crew for putting up the Christmas lights and requested the maintenance department tie down the new gazebo.


Matt Montowski said a total of six building permits were issued and two variances for the month of November and one zoning book purchased with a total of $1,399.44 collected in fees.

Matt Montowski said the Zoning Training held on November 28 went well. He said eleven of fourteen zoning board members attended as well as Todd Bickley, Joseph Gerber, Mark Mulligan, and Walter Wehenkel.

Gary Mortus said he also attended the Zoning Training and felt it went well and he learned more about zoning related issues.

New Business

John Gangway said he was approached by the Humane Society regarding a fundraiser they will be holding at the Community Hall. He said the Humane Society applied for an F2 Liquor Permit which requires approval of the Board of Trustees as the event will be held on township property.

The Trustees agreed and signed the necessary paperwork for the permit.

Matt Montowski presented a proposal from Stanley Steamer to have the carpeted areas in the Administrative Building cleaned.

Gary Mortus made a motion to contract with Stanley Steamer to clean all Administration Building carpets for $583.20. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Matt Montowski said he attended the recent Strategic Plan for Lake Erie Partners meeting and shared some of the concerns discussed at the meeting regarding the health of Lake Erie.

Gary Mortus made a motion to award a three year contract to DeAngelo Brothers for weed control around Rock Ledge, West Harbor Boat Launch, and the pump ditch area located off Route 53 for $2,750 per year. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

Matt Montowski presented surveys he received from Virginia Park, Bay Township Trustee, to the Trustees and Fiscal Officer regarding the Ottawa County Township Association. He also discussed some ideas Virginia Park had regarding the OCTA including sharing resources between townships and possibly promoting township government.

William Rofkar made a motion to reimburse Catawba Island Volunteer Fire Department and EMS members in the amount of $200 each for fuel and mileage expenses for 2012 and pay individual member stipends of $100 for Firemen, $125 for Fireman/EMT, Fireman/Driver, and Fireman/Engineer, $150 for Chief Engineer, $175 for Lieutenant, $200 for Captain, $225 for Assistant Chief, and $250 for Chief for a total $7,050. Matt Montowski seconded the motion. All voted aye. Motion carried.

The Trustees agreed to ask Zoning Inspector Walter Wehenkel to complete the U.S. Census Bureau Survey regarding boundaries and have Patty Cable update the census data on the township website.

Gary Mortus made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Matt Montowski seconded the motion.
All voted aye. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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William Rofkar, Chairman Karen Shaw, Fiscal Officer