Minutes: February 28th, 2018

FEBRUARY 28, 2018
Sharon Sanger Denice Day
Greg Sanger Theodore Day
Larry Cleveland Mark J. Montgomery
Randy Riedmaier Conrad Wos
John Woods

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Catawba Island Township Zoning Commission was called to order at 7:02 PM, Feb 28, 2018 by president Paul Shaw. Paul introduced himself and the members of the Board. In attendance were Jordan Davenport, Steve Lonneman and Curtis Baxter. Paul noted our secretary and zoning inspector, Todd Bickley was absent, and Jordan would act as secretary. Paul also noted that Catawba Island Township Trustee Matt Montowski was present.
Paul welcomed all in attendance to the meeting, explained how the meeting would proceed and asked that all attendees sign the register.
Paul led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.
He suggested the agenda to proceed with the hearing of case # 068101, the approval of the minutes of our January 17, meeting, old business and new business. Paul asked for a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Steve moved to approve the agenda, second by Curtis and approved unanimously.
It was noted that the only correspondence received was a letter from the Ottawa County Regional Planning Commission. Paul read the letter (attached).
The meeting was opened to the applicant to present his request for a change in zoning. The applicant, GOC Limited was represented by Mark Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery introduced his plan to the board members and then the audience. GOC is building a gated community. He noted that the current R-1 zoning permitted him to build 30 homes on the parcel. He stated the request to change to R-2 zoning would permit the development to be based on a more scenic design that included a curved roadway. This roadway would necessitate varying lot dimensions to follow the curve and its setbacks. He was requesting the zoning change to accommodate this need for flexibility in lot sizes.
Paul Shaw opened the meeting to the audience for comments and questions.
Larry Cleveland asked if the current roadway will support construction equipment? Mark replied the parcel of land in the proposed development includes Konker and Bibi streets. They would make repairs. Larry asked if the current sewage and water infrastructure would accommodate the new development? Mark from GOC stated they will include a pump station.
Randy Riedmaier asked if Mark would place his diagram on the easel. Mark complied. Randy asked to see the proposed lot locations and inquired what the lot widths will be. Mark stated they are a minimum of 100 feet in R-1, and would be 80 feet in R-2.
Sarah Riedmaier expressed a concern that there would be street lights and a gate. Mark replied the lights are included for ornamental rather than illumination purposes. The gate will be place on Bibi Street.
Randy asked if the request for a zoning change was approved, are these proposed plans binding? The Board replied there was no obligation on the part of the developer. Randy asked if GOC was building other developments on Catawba and asked why he couldn’t find GOC on the internet. Mark answered, no to developments and stated they have a presence on the web, are listed with the State of Ohio and offered to email Randy. Randy asked if the county engineer would survey the property for drainage concerns. Mark said all plans will be approved by the county.
Sharon Sangor stated she lives to the south of the parcel and expressed a concern about the wildlife and privacy fencing. Mark stated their practice is to use pines in lieu of fencing for privacy.
Denise Day asked if houses of this value can be built on a lot smaller than hers, what type would they be and are they built on speculation or as sold. Mark said yes, the lot size is not an issue, they will be 2000 to 2800 square feet in size and would be built as the lots sell.
Ted Day doubted a quality home could be built on an 80 foot lot. Mark stated it is not an issue.
Randy asked if it is possible to sell the property after it is rezoned. Mark stated yes, it is possible but not their intention.
Sarah restated her concern over street lights. Mark assured her they will be decorative.
Randy asked if these plans had been submitted to Regional Planning? Mark replied they had not.
Sarah stated she mistrusted gated communities. Mark suggested she meet the neighbors.
Randy discussed the barricade on Konker Road and explained its origin to Mark. Randy expressed his concern that the R-2 zoning could be used to build differently than the proposal presented.
Denise verified the location of the street barricade on the GOC plans, asked how far the new street would go and is there a chance to buy the adjacent Gill property. Mark located the barrier, pointed out the street’s location and stated the Gills are not interested in selling at this time.
Sarah asked if the street would be continued to Ponderosa Street via Sandra Street. Sandra is a private street per Mark.
Larry Cleveland asked if all houses should be in a straight line. Mark explained the location is determined by required yard setbacks and development bylaws.
Ted Day asked if the setbacks will be the same as on Konker Street. Paul Shaw read the setback requirements from the zoning resolution.
Randy asked if there will be a homeowner’s association, deed restrictions and regulations for swimming pools. Mark stated the HOA would regulate outbuildings and pay for plowing and gate maintenance. Paul Shaw read the requirements for swimming pools.
Sarah asked the price of a lot. Mark replied $45-55,000.
Sharon Sangor asked when the development will begin. Mark stated if the request is denied they will begin building to the R-1 zoning requirements immediately. If the change in zoning is approved they expect to have the plans ready for development by mid-summer.
Randy asked how the board proceeds. Paul Shaw explained our process.
Paul Shaw closed the meeting to the public and opened discussion to the members of the board.
Jordan stated the intent of zoning on Catawba Township is to maintain a low to medium density in the interior of the Township. He stated a concern a change would set a precedent for the surrounding R-1 properties. He stated his agreement with the suggested denial by Regional Planning.
Steve expressed his general agreement with Jordan.
Curtis stated the same opinion as Steve and Jordan.
Paul suggested there are available remedies to lot size through the variance procedures of the zoning resolution.
Paul asked for a motion. Jordan moved to deny case # 068101. Curtis made the second. Paul called for the vote and Steve, Jordan and Curtis all voted yes to deny the zoning request.
Paul stated the request to rezone the parcel in case #068101 is disapproved.
Paul asked to dismiss the reading of the past minutes as they were not mailed to the board members. All members agreed.
Old Business: none
New Business: none
Steve moved to adjourn, Curtis made the second. The meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Jordan M. Davenport
For Todd Bickley