Minutes: September 14th, 2010


The regular business meeting of the Catawba Island Township Board of Township Trustees was called to order by chairman Gary Mortus at 7:30 p.m. on September 14, 2010 in the conference room. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

In attendance: Gary Mortus, Matt Montowski, William Rofkar, Pat Cerny, Jodi Greulich, John Smothers, Archie Stinson, Robert Thayer, John Gangway, Dan Barlow, Drew DeConcini, Hamish Lusty, Jim Zaremba, Jack DeVore, Joe Harvey and Nick Harvey.

The first item of the evening: Gary Mortus called the Public Hearing concerning Electric Aggregation to order and asked if anyone would like to speak in regard to the electric aggregation issue that was voted on last November. The issue is being processed and going through the county and the township is required to hold two public hearings and one was held with the county and one additional one was needed and this is being held this evening. There was no public input. William Rofkar made a motion to close the public hearing seconded by Matt Montowski. All voted aye.

Pat Cerny read the minutes of the August 24th business meeting. There were two corrections to the minutes. The tree removed at the State Park was on the road right of way and Port Clinton also received mulch along with the fuel. Matt Montowski made a motion to approve the minutes as amended seconded by William Rofkar. All voted aye.

William Rofkar made a motion to approve and pay the bills in the amount of $84,199.09 seconded by Matt Montowski. William Rofkar, aye; Matt Montowski, aye; Gary Mortus, aye.

Communications included:
From David Brunkhorst, County Engineer, stating all campaign signs to be erected along County or Township roadways must be placed outside the subject road right-of-way. Improperly located signs are subject to removal.
A notice from Don C. Waggoner, Chief Building Official, stating the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution to raise the fees for residential construction projects effective September 3, 2010.
Department of Natural Resources Office of Coastal Management stating the ODNR prepare a plan for the management of shore erosion in the state along Lake Erie, its bays and associated inlets. Mark Cencer with the Office of Coastal Management will be contacted to attend a Trustee meeting for input from our officials.
Ohio Public Entity Consortium announcing their newly endorsed program through Aflac.
Ohio Department of Transportation invitation to their Rural Consultation meeting being held on September 23, 2010 in Bowling Green, Ohio.

An e-mail from Thomas Rex. expressing his disappointment with the decision made at the September 8, 2010 Board of Zoning Appeals meeting regarding his application for an area variance.

Jodi Greulich, representing PNC Bank, gave a presentation on PNC WorkPlace banking, a voluntary program for employees. Ms. Greulich will be contacted if there is an interest.

Hamish Lusty, regional sales manager for EZ-GO LSV (low speed vehicles) vehicles, representing a local dealer, Drews Custom Carts, gave an informational presentation on the LSV vehicle that they manufacture. It is similar to a golf cart and he would like to address any concerns and questions that the township may have and would like to work with the township to insure that the vehicle is safe and that it is a fully registered low speed vehicle. Gary Mortus stated this Board can only do what the state allows us to do. If the state says the vehicle is properly equipped and properly licensed and properly operated, it can operate on a highway of 35 miles per hour or less and then according to our Prosecuting Attorney, it would be a wave of approval for those guidelines. If the vehicle travels Route 53, it would be subject to a citation or if the vehicle is driving on a township road that is posted as 35 miles per hour and the passengers are not wearing seatbelts or do not have a Ohio vehicle license, then they are up for a citation and this is also the presenter’s understanding. Gary Mortus suggested they contact the county Prosecutor and obtain a letter that states what is enforcible for low speed carts. John Gangway stated the Ohio Revised Code does not address a low speed vehicle.

John Smothers and Meredith Beck from the Park Board stated they would like to put a informational and directional aluminum sign on the West road. There is 80 acres of natural area that the township owns and we should be proud of it. William Rofkar is not in favor of a directional sign as it may be a traffic hazard. Matt Montowski would like to see these properties promoted. A new sign is needed at the walking trails by the point and they would also like to rename the walking trails to the Catawba Point Preserve as it gets confused with the Cedar Preserve. Also the preserve needs a light mowing every year. Dan Barlow stated Barnes or David Price Metal Services at $70.00 per hour is capable of doing this cutting as our mowers are not designed for mowing these areas. John Smothers and Dan Barlow will
decide on who to contract with. John Smothers also stated the reed canary grass is coming out and that needs to be mowed twice a year.
That will also be discussed with Dan Barlow.

John Gangway, Fire Chief stated they are working on a mutual aid agreement with the other departments in the county with mandated wording. The Trustees will look at it prior to the signing. Mark Mulligan is part of the rewrite of the agreement.

John Gangway stated the fire department needs to purchase three pagers at a cost of $1260.00 from Bender Communications.

The Police Department needs to replace the two desktop computers and monitors and at some point upgrade the internet service. Matt Montowski made a motion to purchase two new computers from Cros.net, Inc. for $2607.80 seconded by William Rofkar. Matt Montowski, aye; William Rofkar, aye; Gary Mortus, aye. An external hard-drive back-up will also be looked into. A camera with a tri-pod will also be purchased not to exceed $1000.00 instead of purchasing a
recording system.

Two signs will be put on two township dumpsters, one behind the Maintenance Building and one at the Community Hall stating “Not for Public Use” if permitted by the trash hauling service.

Dan Barlow stated the roof will be started in the next couple of weeks.

Mullens Tree Service provided a quote for the removal of a tree on Rock Ledge near the entrance to Eagle Beach for $800.00.

A quote was received from Masonry Construction for the doors at the old fire station for $2452.00 to replace the existing doors on the existing frames. The recommendation is JVS Garage Door. William Rofkar made a motion to approve the proposal from JVS Garage Door Co. for $2935.00 to replace the frames, two doors and hardware
seconded by Matt Montowski. William Rofkar, aye; Matt Montowski, aye; Gary Mortus, aye.

Dan Barlow stated the salt shed steel re-roof can be done inhouse for a cost of $2000.00.

The air tanks were taken out of the leaf vac and two had holes. The replacement tanks have been received and will be installed this week.
Dan would like to take the leaf vac to Mitches to go over the brakes before the season starts.

The trench is closed between the buildings. Dan Barlow also stated they will be doing repairs to the soffits on the Administration Building. The soffits will be wrapped in aluminum the perimeter of the building.

Dan Barlow stated he has received requests to change the window dressings at the Community Hall. The current dressings will be removed and options will be looked at.

Gary Mortus commended the Maintenance Department for all the projects they have taken on and the dollars they have saved the township. The inhouse work is greatly appreciated.

Gary Mortus received a call from Sharon Barnes and she would take whatever mulch we would like to dispose of and trade us planted trees for mulch. Negotiations will be done with Barnes Nursery.

Matt Montowski would like to see Pebble Beach cleaned up. The State of Ohio will be contacted to clean up Pebble Beach.

Matt Montowski made a motion to dispose of the old township cell phones that are in the closet to Goodwill Industries or Radio Shack seconded by William Rofkar. Motion carried.

Matt Montowski received correspondence from Mark Mulligan wanting to know the Trustee’s thoughts in regard to a case. Matt stated Holiday Village has been in compliance with the odor problem, he was cited and paid his fine, and has been complying with the Zoning Inspector since the day of the violation which was June 10, 2009. Under the C-2 District, accessory buildings and uses are permitted in this District if incidental and subordinate to the principal use of a structure. There is no commercial fish cleaning going on at the premises. The incidental fish cleaning is available to the patrons of the motel as a no cost service and commonly a long practice established and reasonably associated with the primary use of this parcel. There was a permit issued for the fencing that exists to conceal the dumpster
and the abandoned sewer treatment plant which existed before zoning in 1965. Water and electric were already there before zoning. There is a small shed on top of the abandoned sewer treatment plant that was not required a permit because of the small square footage of the structure. The township being Trustee, Matt Montowski and Pat Cerny, Zoning Inspector responded to several concerns from local residents and found no merit. At the present time we see no need to prosecute or police the area because the odor has been controlled. The three Trustees are in agreement.

Sandy Pienta contacted Matt Montowski about using the Administration Building sign to promote the Catawba Island Garden Club plant and bake sale at John Braun Park next year. She may use the sign.

The old dump truck will be relisted at $9500.00.

Pat Cerny stated she received the Resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the Auditor for the next succeeding fiscal year commencing January 1st, 2011. Matt Montowski moved the adoption of the Resolution seconded by William Rofkar. Matt Montowski, aye; William Rofkar, aye, Gary Mortus, aye.

Gary Mortus stated Allied Waste will give the township a presentation on curb side recycling. This may lesson the usage of the dumpsters and the amount of recyclables that are coming to this location.

William Rofkar made a motion to adjourn seconded by Matt Montowski. All voted aye. 9:20p.m.

Chairman Fiscal Officer